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Cordelia insists that I have one of these things. Hi, you've reached the voicemail of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. I'm not home right now, so please leave a message, and I'll be back with you as soon as I can.

Ooc: Wesley's mun can also be reached via this post.


The hardest decision I ever had to make was in Pylea. We had to storm the castle to rescue the princess (Cordelia) and to hopefully free everyone else from slavery. I had to send in a number of men to a part of the castle where I knew that their odds of survival were slim to none. It wasn't something that I wanted to do. However, if I had tried to keep them all alive, we would have failed and more than likely we all would have died. It was the best way for the rest of us to actually be able to get into the castle. It wasn't my proudest moment, but it is something that, if I had to do again, I think I would.

Trying to Think of What to Do

Wesley didn't really sleep that night. How could he? Cordelia actually confided in him that she was dying because of these mystical visions that she had been given. He went through every book that he could find in his apartment trying to figure out a way to keep them from killing her. Of course, just going on that idea alone left many possibilities open. Too many to properly research, in fact. How could he look for a way to do it when he didn't really know of one single way?

Well, that's untrue. He did know of one way: get rid of the visions completely. Of course, Cordelia would never agree to that. If he did it without telling her, she'd never forgive him. He didn't want that. Plus, who was to say that taking the visions away from her wouldn't kill her instantly? For all he knew, they may be what was holding her together at the moment. Or at least the Powers that Be were the ones holding her together.

With all of this on his mind, he went in to the Hyperion the next day. Gunn's truck hadn't moved from the spot he parked it in last night, so it was obvious where he spent the night at. He went inside and went straight to the coffee pot. While Cordelia's skills in coffee making were legendary in their...inadequacies, right now he needed anything with caffeine in it.
1.) Buy every book that we might ever need.
2.) Take everyone on a vacation away from here for a while.
3.) Hire someone to clean the weapons when we get back from a night out.
4.) Take Cordelia clothes shopping and Gunn shopping for video games.
5.) Hire someone to clean the hotel.
6.) Restore the hotel.
7.) Find a way to fix the windows so that the sun wouldn't burn Angel.
8.) Replace some of the old weapons.
9.) Also buy Cordelia some of those 'manolos' that she likes to go on about.
10.) Buy Fred more tacos.

justprompts Demons

Demons are something that are an every day part of my life. I have been trained to fit them since I was a little boy. If I am honest, I've been trained to fit them since I was in the womb. I was supposed to be a great Watcher. Things didn't turn out like my father had planned, so, of course, the first thing he did was tell me what a failure I was and that I wasn't worth the Wyndam-Pryce name.

My opinion on demons now isn't quite so black and white as it was when I first arrived in the United States. Technically, I work with the former Scourge of Europe. Not something that I would write home about, but now I do work that I'm proud of. I save people's lives. I have people that I can call a family.

All of this is because I fight demons, at least the bad sort that tend to want to do things like sacrifice babies and eat innocent people.

Ten Reasons to Get Up in the Morning

Ten reasons to get up in the morning.

1.) Fighting the good fight.
2.) A good cup of morning tea.
3.) Work
4.) My friends (Family, to tell the truth.)
5.) Research
6.) The translation I'm working on right now in hopes of keeping the bill collectors away from the Hyperion.
7.) Tasty donuts, especially chocolate covered ones.
8.) To make sure that everyone is taken care of.
9.) In hopes that Angel will be back today.
10.) Just in case Cordelia has a vision.

Sitting in the Bottom Floor of the Hyperion

Since Angel left us, I haven't been so sure of what to do around here. I'm technically the leader of Angel Investigations now, but things have been kind of quiet over this summer. Good for the world, but, as Cordelia would say, bad for business. We really weren't making any money as of late. I had pulled into the last little bit of my meager savings to help pay the bills, but even that was going to cover things for long. I can only hope that a paying customer would come in, or, god forbid, Cordelia would have a vision of a paying customer.

Now I'm beginning to sound like her.

Not like I could help it if I tried. I've been spending most of my time with her this summer. The girl we found in Pylea, Fred, mostly stays upstairs, only coming out when someone puts tacos beside her door. (I've never seen a woman eat so much of anything, much less tacos.) Gunn comes in to help when we need him, but he actually spends a good deal of time with Fred as well. They seem to be getting along quite well.

That leaves only Cordelia and I on the ground floor most days. The Powers that Bother Us have been leaving us mostly alone this summer, and I can't help but be relieved a little, even though a vision would direct us to a paying customer, maybe. I can see that they are getting worse, even though she won't admit to it to anyone. I just don't know by how much, though.

Today was another slow day, it seemed. Cordelia seemed content to file her nails at the desk while I did a translation that I had picked up for a little extra cash. Just about anything to pay the bills, these days.

((Open to Cordelia))

RP Example - Hangover Hell

Wesley woke up the next day with a hangover from hell. He couldn't quite remember how he had gotten Buffy back to her place the night before or that morning, but she wasn't here now, so he figured he poured her into a taxi at some point. Of course, this only made him want to check on her. She had sort of become his only friend in the city, so he wanted to make sure that she had gotten to her place OK.

She had left him a number for her little apartment. It took him a little while to hunt the slip of paper down, in all of the mess, but he did finally locate it. He had to decipher it, through the drunken scribble, but he finally manged to figure out the phone number.

He figured that he would be waking her up, but it was almost four in the afternoon, so it was probably about time, anyway.

((Open to Buffy))

RP Example - Drinking His Cares Away

He once had it all: friends who cared about him, a job that he loved, a life that fulfilled him. And then it all came crashing down on his head. First, a baby came into his life: Connor, Angel's son. A baby that was literally impossible, born of two vampires. A baby that everyone wanted, that they all were willing to protect with their lives. Then came a prophecy: the father will kill the son. He was so certain that it had to do with Angel killing his own son. Wesley went to everyone and did everything he could to try and prevent it. Finally, he came to the conclusion that he had to take Connor away. If he did this, he could spare Angel the hell that he would go through for killing his one child, the person he valued most. Of course, he had botched that plan as well. Justine came behind him and slit his throat, stealing Connor right out of his arms.

His hand went up absent mindedly to the still red scare on his throat. It didn't ache like it did when he first came home, well, not physically, anyway. Still, it burned in his mind like a Scarlet Letter, the physical presence of his betrayal of all of his friends and, most of all, Angel. He didn't blame the man for trying to kill him; if only he had been allowed to finish the job. Wesley wished that he was dead most of the time, but just didn't have the will in him to go and do it himself. Although right now he was getting a good start on drinking himself slowly to death.

He was on his third whiskey right now, in some random bar in LA. He wasn't sure which one it was tonight. It was a different one every night. All he wanted to do was drink the pain away, but he hadn't quite pulled that off so far. He was going to keep trying, though. He was going to try until he succeeded, even if that turned his liver to stone in the process. Not like he had anything or anyone to live for anymore.

"Do you want a refill on that?" the bartender asked him. He hadn't even realized that he had finished off the drink. He simply nodded, and the bartender topped him off. So, another night taking a ride home in a taxi then? He might want to die, but he wasn't going to kill someone else by hitting their car head on. Besides, the drunk driver usually lives, and that was the last thing that he wanted.

((Open to Buffy))

RP Example - I'll Meet You There

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Drusilla OT Juice, Wesley and Fiala
Where: Juice's house, Wesley's place, and Fiala's place
When: Sometime Friday night

She had done it very quietly, and very quickly.

Drusilla hummed to herself as she worked, happy that her family would be formed. It wasn't the same family, and it wasn't the final family, but she knew that.

The past, present, and future all came to her ad the same time, and the terrible confusion was funny. She knew that he couldn't be helped.. and she knew other things.

Right now- Spiky had a doll. A beautiful doll, with long dark hair. He had other toys too, and The Master knew about all of them. Her beautiful doll Katie helped with that.

Today was a delivery day, and more of her family would be out. She had delivered some, and she had some left to deliver, but each one was fun and terrible.

A blonde little boy was left for the beverage child. His elder brother already had one. She left a dark haired male for the man, and a beautiful brunette doll for the girl.

All were large, child sized porcelain dolls. All were presents.

The trees spoke to her now, and reminded her of the bells.

Wesley found the doll outside of his apartment when he left the next morning. His eyes nearly bugged out of his head when he found it. He didn't even want to touch it. If it was the same person that had left dolls outside of the Bronze the other night, then he would have major problems.

He immediately called his boss in the OSI to report the doll and who he thought it was from.
Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Laili and Wes and a bunch of other people
Day: December 3, 1997
Place: The Bronze

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RP Example - Meeting

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: OSI personnel
Where: Wouldn't you like to know?
When: 1/8/98

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RP Example - Drinking Buddies

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Wesley and Narcissa
Where: The Bronze
When: Nighttime

Wesley was sitting at the bar of the Bronze, trying to not cringe from the music playing. Narcissa had asked if he would meet her here tonight here, and so he waited for her to show up. They had actually built a friendship, which wasn't that surprising to him as it was to some others who saw them together. While he didn't look nearly as 'bitchin,' as Gwen may say, as Narcissa did, they shared a lot of personality traits. It was nice to have someone with similar opinions to his own around.

Narcissa was looking decidedly un-Watcher-like, wearing a long leather dress that went down to her calves, and was slit up the side. She had on black knee-high boots, and a black leather choker with silver spikes through it. Her bright red hair was tied into pigtails, which was slightly funny, considering how cute it looked compared to how snarky and bitchy she looked. She was taking a long drag off of a cigarette, and staring at the ceiling with a frustrated look.

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RP Example - Meet the New Watcher

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Wesley and Narcissa
When: Friday, Around Lunch Time
Where: The Espresso Pump

Wesley was waiting in the Espresso Pump for the new Watcher to show up. He knew he was supposed to call them Servitors, but old habits died very hard sometimes. He knew very little about this one, but he was supposed to be her guide in OSI until she got settled in. He actually didn't know what she looked like. They had talked on the phone, and he had told her what he would be wearing that day so that she would know him. She only told him that she'd be wearing a red shirt, and that he'd know her real quick. This looked like it would be fun.

Annnnd... she was wearing a red shirt, but probably not a shirt he would expect. If he was expecting a typical watcher, there was no way he'd even have given her a second glance when she walked in. Her black hair was dyed blood red, and her lips wore the same shade. Her skin was pale and fair, and her eyes, especially behind their wall of eyeliner, looked positively evil. A silver lip ring glinted in the light, and her outfit looked more akin to a night at the Bronze than that of a Servator. She wore snug black leather pants, a skintight red tank top over a black sports bra and a black studded choker around her neck. She strutted over, looking around until she finally stood about three feet from Wesley's table, staring at him for a few moments. "Hey..." her voice dripped with attitude, as though she was the shit and she knew it. "You Wesley?"

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Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Gwen and Wesley
When: Mid-August, about 1 a.m.
Where: Pryce Residence

Gwen had been out late. Ok, more like all freekin' night. It was close to 1am, and she figured everyone would be in bed by now. So, dressed in a mini-skirt, thigh-high stockings, and tube top, she made her way into Wesley's house, creeping into the

And there was Wesley, waiting for Gwen to show up, sitting at the kitchen counter with a cup of coffee to keep himself awake. While he had realized long ago that Gwen stayed out late mostly every night, either patrolling or just out cavorting, he still worried. "Good morning, Gwen," he said with a smirk.

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RP Example - Happy Home

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Laili open to anyone at her home
Where: Pryce house
When: Sunday evening

Laili was busy making sure everything was prepared for Monday and the start of the work and school week. She'd taken to packing lunches for Wesley, herself, and the girls on Sunday evening and was seated at the table making sandwiches to pack into the various bags.

She felt pleased with how her life was going now. Things were almost normal, if she discounted the whole need for young blood to be poured down the gaping hole in her neck. That was a bit inconvenient. She knew Wesley had been researching a cure - and she'd been interviewed now by Project Redemption at his work. They assured her that they'd do what they could to assist in the situation, too. But she couldn't help but wish she could be truly normal for her new family.

Amir came to perch on her shoulder, another reminder of how non-normal things really were. She petted him, and fed him a slice of meat. "I suppose we don't have to be normal to be a good family, do we?" Heck, even without her strangeness, and Amir - there was Gwen and that whole situation and so forth...

"I'm just happy we have a nice home."

Amir hooted in agreement.

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RP Example - Bronze Date

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Andrew, Jonathan, Warren,Harmony, Laili, Wesley, Nica, and Becky
Where: The Bronze
When: Monday Night

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RP Example - Family Talk

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Laili and Wesley
Where: at their home
When: Monday night

Laili was seated on the couch, with Amir perched on her shoulder. She was currently leafing through a circular of Easter sales that had come in the mail, pondering the holiday. She hadn't really celebrated American holidays all that much, but now that she was married with a family and all- she supposed they should. "Wesley," she called to her husband. "Do you have any Easter traditions?"

Wesley looked up from the book he was reading, a little surprised. After thinking for a moment, he said, "Well, Easter wasn't ever really celebrated in my family." His family wasn't exactly Christian, and his father never really cared for anything remotely...fun, for lack of a better term.

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RP Example - Training

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Wesley and Gwen
When: Wednesday Afternoon
Where: Pryce House, backyard

Wesley had Gwen in the backyard, throwing punches and kicks at him. Since Wolfram & Hart had come into town, he couldn't help but feel paranoid. This caused him to want to train more with her. They had been slacking off a bit as of late, and now he couldn't help but feel that soon, they would need all the training they could handle.

Gwen was focused, eyes set on her Watcher. Not thinking of him as the father-figure he'd become, or the loving husband and father she knew he was... she thought of him purely as a Watcher, a trainer, and focused as she threw her all into each punch and kick. She had her hair pulled back tight, and was wearing a comfy sweat suit and sneakers. She finally calmed herself down before she let her strikes get furious enough actually to hurt the man.

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RP Example - Wolfram & Hart Are Coming

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Wesley and Gwen
When: Wednesday Night, Late
Where: Wesley's House

Gwen had been at X-ecutioners HQ all evening, mostly trying to find out anything resembling clues as to whether or not Wolfram and Hart were actually here for them. However... after failing to locate any information, Gwen decided it was time to start warning the people she loved... just in case. So, she bolted home to Wesley's place, and sprinted into the kitchen, hoping her Servator was still awake.

Wesley was downstairs in the kitchen, doing some paperwork and drinking a cup of tea when Gwen came running into the house. "Gwen?" He stood up and walked to her. "What's the matter?"

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RP Example - Catching Up

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Wesley and Gwen
Where: Their Home
When: Late Night

Wesley was in the kitchen, making tea like all good Englishmen do. Things had felt...different in the house lately, like some of the dynamics had changed. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, though. He thought that everyone was out this Saturday afternoon, so he figured that maybe, he could catch up on grading papers for his 'day' job. Maybe.

Gwen came shuffling downstairs, dressed in baggy plaid PJ bottoms, fuzzy rainbow toe-socks, and a tight white tank top, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She grumbled and plopped down at the kitchen table. "Man... homework fucking BLOWS, dude."

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RP Example Showing Off the New Home

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Wesley OT Gwen, Tia, and Laili
Where: Their new home
When: Wednesday afternoon/evening

Before moving in, Wesley had wanted to show Tia and Gwen the new home. He was near positive that they would like it but, before they made the finalizations on the deal, he wanted to just check and make sure.

He led everyone into the home, planning on giving the grand tour. The first room past the foyer was a large Den. "In here is the den, where we can set up a TV or anything else that you would like." He didn't watch much television himself, but he was sure that either Tia or Gwen would want a large one set up.

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RP Example - House Hunting

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Laili and Wesley
Where: There new home
When: Tuesday, March 2, 1998

Wesley walked into the third home of the day. Laili and he had both taken the day off to be able to try and find a house for what was now a family of five, including Amir. Neither of their current homes fit their needs, and, since homes were so cheap in Sunnydale, they had decided to purchase a home. The first two homes were lacking in different things: too small rooms, tiny kitchen, bad location. Hopefully this home will work for them.

"Hm.. this one looks a little more promising," Laili said as they approached. There were two stories, and according to the real estate lady, it had a full basement. "It looks sturdy, and in good repair from the outside at least. And there's a nice yard..." It was a hopeful sign. Laili squeezed her husband's hand and smiled.

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RP Example - A Modest Proposal

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Wesley and Laili
Where: in LA
When: Friday night

Wesley had had a wonderful time so far tonight. The opera had been lovely. Laili had been able to follow it well, and he was able to fill in the few blanks that she had here and there. Now, they were at dinner, and they had just finished ordering their food. The ring that Tia had helped him pick out was burning a hole in his pocket, but he wanted to wait until the exact right moment to ask her. "How did you enjoy the opera tonight?"

Laili smiled, and took his hand across the table. "It was so lovely. Thank you for explaining the parts to me that I didn't understand." That had been part of the enjoyment of the evening, really, hearing Wesley's take on things.

Will You Marry Me?Collapse )

RP Example - Happy Birthday!

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Wesley and Laili
Where: Her Apartment
When: Tuesday Evening

Wesley had done his best to make everything perfect for tonight. He had found some music from Malaysia, and had it playing softly in the background while he finished cooking the Nasi Lemak for Laili's birthday dinner. He had her birthday gift tucked away, awaiting just the right moment for it's unveiling.

When the food was finally done, he called out from the kitchen, "The food is ready!" as he brought it out to the dinning area. He came out with a smile on his face.

[If you're curious about what Nasi Lemak is, it's here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nasi_Lemak]

Saya cinta awakCollapse )

RP Example - Proposals

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Wesley and Tia
When: Sunday Night
Where: Nice Restaurant X

Wesley had taken Tia out to dinner tonight to ask her something important. He looked a little nervous, but not that terrified nervous that showed that bad news was coming. They had just finished ordering their food, and had just been served their drinks. It was now or never to start the conversation. "So, Tia, what do you think of Laili?"

"She seems real nice, Wesley." She answered, but not before she had taken a drink from the glass sitting before her. "Granted I don't know her all too well, but she seems nice, and you do seem to like her a whole lot." Tia offering a soft smile across the table to her father.

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RP Example - A Night Visitor

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Laili ot Wesley (and Tia and/or Gwen if they want!)
Where: Wesley's apartment
When: Thursday evening

Laili felt restless, and though she'd been trying to avoid eating her natural food source by visiting Willy's for the red stuff - she was itching for a bit of something fresh tonight. Worse, Amir had brought home a fairly large animal and devoured the bloody remains without her. The owl didn't seem to think much of her newfound morality, but she couldn't blame him. He was, after all, predatory by nature. More so than she had ever been, since birth he had been as such.

After he had finished his feast, Amir went flying. She followed him a while, primarily on foot - it was easier to explain an owl in the air than a woman- and then he began to follow her. She found herself walking to a familiar neighborhood, and an apartment building she had been to more than once - but not at all, lately. She whistled for Amir to perch on her shoulder, and then made her way to Wesley's apartment door to knock. Might as well say hello, since she was here... and it would certainly distract her from the desire to hunt.

Wesley was sitting home with Tia and Gwen tonight. They weren't actually in the room sitting with him, but he had been getting more paranoid lately about leaving them home alone because of the town that they lived in, so, when he had nights off, he tended to stay home if that's where they were.

Being a sudden parent can change a person, not that he had been much of a social butterfly before.

When he heard the knock on the door, he stood up and answered it, pleasantly surprised to see that it was Laili. "Hello, Laili," he said, moving back so that she could walk through if she pleased.

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RP Examples - Doctoring Her Up

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Kristianna, Gwen, and Wesley
When: Saturday Night Sometime After This Scene
Where: Wesley and Kristianna's Home

The evening found Tia at the table in the kitchen working on a school assignment. Wesley hadn't arrived home yet, so the teen went ahead and made herself dinner.

With the few dishes that had been sitting in the sink washed, Tia fixed herself a mug of tea and settled in at the table to try and get her homework done before Wesley finally made it home.

There was a loud, almost violent knock against the front door, along with a pained cry. "T-Tia... Wesley... l-lemme in..."

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RP Example - A Talk Is Needed

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Kristianna and Wesley
Where: A restaurant
When: Tuesday Night, after Kristianna and Gwen's conversation

Wesley had taken Kristianna out to eat for dinner for them to get to know each other better, but she seemed a little quieter than usual tonight. He knew that she had gone to the beach earlier today, and he wondered if something had happened. "Is everything alright?" he asked her after they had placed their orders.

Once they had been seated at their table, Tia found the need to take a drink from one of the water filled glasses that were sitting on the table by the dual place settings.

"You know I'd never intentionally keep something from you?" She said in response to her father's inquiry as green eyes lingered on the cloth covered table top as if the teen was finding it hard to look at her father directly.

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Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Wes and Gwen
When: Sunday, January 5, 1998
Where: The Bronze

Wesley was sitting at a table at the Bronze, waiting for Gwen to show up. He wanted to check up on her as soon as he got home, but other obligations had kept him from doing much more than a phone call. He wanted to see her, though, so he finally arranged for them to meet at the Bronze.

Far from the sullen, depressed girl he had talked to on the phone, Gwen came dancing over to him, all bounce and joy, in a knee-length denim skirt, and a tight, long-sleeves shirt with a Star Wars logo on it. "WES! Welcome home!"

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RP Example - Morning Tea

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Wesley and Kristianna
When: Wednesday, January 1, 1998. Morning
Where: Wesley apartment

There was a soft groan as the body on the couch rolled over onto its backside. The blonde's eyes fluttering open as she stretched her limbs, before any move was made to swing legs over the side and sit up. Couches really weren't the most comfortable pieces of furniture to sleep on, but one had to make due with what was available.

With a gentle rub of sleepy eyes bare feet touched to solid ground, Kristianna padded off from the living room clad in a pair of red and gray plaid pajama pants and a plain white tank toward the kitchen.

Wesley was sitting at the table in the kitchen/dining room, drinking a cup of coffee. He looked up when he heard Kristianna get up from the couch. "I'm sorry that I didn't cook breakfast this morning," he said as she walked past. "I can if you'd like." He wondered what her favorite foods were, since he didn't have a clue.

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RP Example - Phone Conversations

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Wesley and Gwen
When: Friday, December 27, 1997
What: Phone Conversation

Gwen had, without a doubt, the worst Christmas ever. She didn't get to see Patience, Marlowe had come over for dinner but couldn't stay too long, and to top it all off, she'd broken up with Gemma. All this led to Gwen crying herself to sleep, and not leaving her bed until noon the next day. Finally, she mustered the will to pick up the phone, and call the one person she'd learned she could tell anything to: her watcher, Wesley Wyndham-Price. She dialed the number, and, holding back tears, prayed he would answer.

Wesley's vacation had been going fine until he had found out about Leanna. Now, he suddenly had a daughter that he was responsible for. While he didn't fault Kristianna for any of it, he couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. He also didn't know what this could do to his relationship with Laili. He hoped that things wouldn't change too much. She had already retired for the evening, and the house was silent, until the phone rang. He picked it up and said, "Hello?"

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RP Example - Surprise!

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Wes and Laili
When: December 23, 1997
Where: Wyndam-Pryce Family Home, England

Wesley had been floating on a cloud for the length of the vacation so far. Him and Laili had been having an excellent time together, exploring the sights of London together. However, once he arrived at his parent's home, he had come crashing down, although not in the way that he expected. Instead of merely dealing with his father's subtle putdowns, which he had assumed he could deal with this year with the help of Laili, he had received a letter that had been waiting for him that told him that his former girlfriend from his teenage years, Leanna Balfour, and that he had been awarded custody of their teenage daughter, Kristianna.

Wesley managed to disguise the shock when he first read the letter, quickly folding it up and placing it in his pocket. Later, while he and Laili where unpacking, he sat down on the bed and said, "I have something to tell you, Laili, and I'm not sure where to begin." He didn't mean to sound ominous, but he didn't really have a clue where to start in explaining that he suddenly had a daughter.

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RP Example - First Meeting

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Wesley and Kristianna
When: Thursday, December 26
Where: London

She sat on the windowsill in her room, forehead pressed lightly against the windowpane. Green eyes touching on each car that seemed to slow on the street below as it passed by the house of her grandparents. The teen wondering if the trailing car would be the one to come to a stop at the front curb. Would the man that emerged be the mirror image, though older now in years, of the boy she had seen in some of the pictures her mother had kept from a time so long ago?

She hadn't found out until after the funeral, when they returned to the house, that he "father" was in the city and had been notified of her mother's death. Additional news she received was that a meeting was in the works (only later that evening would she learned the time and place). A meeting that had her in a state of mixed emotions. Both dreading and looking forward to it. Needless to say, it put the teen in an anxious state.

Wesley drove up the driveway of the Balfour home, trying not to think too much. At the funeral, he had stared at whom he could have sworn was Leanna for an entire minute before thinking clearly enough to realize that it had to be Kristianna. She was her mother's twin at that age.

He looked up at the home, realizing that it hadn't changed since he had last been there as a teenager. After parking his car, he slowly walked up the walk to the door, and rang the doorbell, trying to prepare himself for going inside and so far, failing miserably.

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RP Example - Buckingham Palace

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Wesley and Laili
When: Sunday Afternoon
Where: Buckingham Palace (Sightseeing in England)

Laili had wanted to see everything that there was to see in London, and one couldn't be a tourist and not see Buckingham Palace. He had come to it once when he was a child, going on a tour for a school field trip, but he hadn't been in years. He had to admit, he was having a good time playing the tourist in his native country. Plus, he loved watching Laili's reactions to everything. She seemed overjoyed at the whole experience.

He followed along with the tour guide, listening to her lecture about each room. He held Laili's hand, letting her lead him around to look at things.

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RP Example - Shopping for the Holidays

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Wesley and Laili
When: Monday Evening
Where: Sunnydale Mall

Wesley detested malls. They were crowded, noisy, and dirty. They seemed to bring out everything bad in a person because people would shove and kick you out of the way for the perfect sweater or whatever. The fact that it was Christmas time just made this ten times worse for him. However, Laili needed proper attire for winter time in England, which was drastically different from winter in southern California. Honestly, he was a little worried that they wouldn't be able to find the clothing that she would need considering how warm the weather was here, at least it was warm for him.

He turned to Laili and asked, "So, what would you like to shop for first? You'll need a coat, gloves, sweaters," he started listing off things that he knew she would need for the cold weather. As far as he knew, she probably didn't have much of a true winter wardrobe.

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RP Example - Bronze

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Wesley and Gwen
Where: The Bronze
When: Thursday, December 12 Nighttime (Backdated, but it took us forever to finish this)

Wesley was sitting at one of the tables in the Bronze. He had been surprised when, after training today, Gwen had asked him to come meet her at the Bronze. He wanted to be friends with her, so he agreed to meet her there that night. He waited for her to arrive, listening to the music playing over the speakers.

Gwen entered from behind Wesley, almost doubling over with laughter at the look on his face. He was evidently not a fan of the type of music being played. She was all dolled up in a white leather miniskirt, with black stockings and black combat boots, and a gray baby tee with silver sequins exposing her midriff. Her lips, coated in shiny red lipstick, curled into a smirk as she came up behind him and draped an arm over his shoulders. "Hey there, Wes-man!"

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RP Example - Holiday Plans

Game: Sunnydale OSI
Who: Laili and Wesley
When: Tuesday Afternoon
Where: The Espresso Pump

Laili was sitting in the Espresso Pump with a cuppa tea, waiting for Wesley to arrive. She sipped her tea thoughtfully, feeling much better since her trip to the blood bank. The fact that she'd picked off a tasty snack or two in the meantime likely had something to with that as well. She was trying to be good, really... but meals were plentiful at the zoo when she wasn't too busy to snag one.

Wesley walked into the Espresso Pump, having agreed to meet Laili there after work. He was actually trying to gear up to ask Laili something important, and he wasn't sure how she would react to it. He hoped that she would be agreeable to it, though. After he made his order for a tea, he sat down at the table that Laili was sitting. "Hello, luv," he said as he was sitting down.

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